Wolverine, Venom And The Punisher Unite In Marvel’s Savage Avengers


If you thought having somebody like Blade joining the Avengers was pretty amazing, then you’re definitely going to want to pay attention to today’s news.

In a creative move so bold that you’d have thought it originated during Mark Millar’s run on Ultimate Comics Avengers, the House of Ideas have decided to roll out a super group lineup so wild and eclectic that it may take you a while to believe it’s really happening. But I guess that very surprise is what Savage Avengers writer Gerry Duggan is counting on, saying that you need only “just give us one issue. One issue and we will convert you. You will convert to Crom.”

Like I said, the lineup alone may sell this series. If you’re curious, know that it consists of Wolverine, Punisher, Venom, Conan the Barbarian, Elektra and Brother Voodoo. Actually, you can see the squad united for the first time via David Finch’s cover art shown below (interiors will be provided by Mike Deodato).

As you may have guessed, this adventure will take us to the Savage Land. Providing more details to Entertainment Weekly was Duggan himself, who also spoke about Conan’s involvement:

“This is an unsanctioned team of heroes. It has to be something that visually makes sense to you, and I think it does. [Artist] Mike Deodato Jr. is illustrating this book in both worlds. We envisioned a threat, a magical green zone where the evil wizards of Conan’s world are trading spells with the Hand in Japan. Conan is on a very Conan-like mission; he’s heard a tale of an amulet so he’s chasing it, and the evil magic sorcerers are doing something that would be a Marvel Avengers problem. It feels like we have found some very fertile ground that is a Venn diagram between those two worlds.”

Savage Avengers #1 arrives in comic shops this May. Will you be checking it out? As always, be sure to let us know in the comments section down below.