X-Men: Blue #1 Introduces A Brand New Wolverine To The Marvel Universe

Wolverine x-Men

Wolverine is in a very weird place in the Marvel Universe right now. The hero was killed off a few years ago after his healing factor started failing and he found himself encased in Adamantium, but the events of Secret Wars would bring Old Man Logan – who hails from an alternate future – into the mainstream MU.

As of right now, X-23 is serving as Wolverine, but there’s been talk of the real deal returning at some point this year. In today’s X-Men: Blue #1, a version of the hero did come back, but it’s fair to say that it wasn’t the one fans were hoping for. As expected, Jimmy Hudson now looks set to become part of the X-Men as he was introduced in a backup tale during a battle with the Wendigo in the wilderness.

It didn’t shed much light on where he’s come from or what he’s been up to, but like his father, he has those six familiar claws. Jimmy actually hails from the Ultimate Universe and first appeared after the death of Wolverine there. Secret Wars combined both worlds though, hence why Miles Morales now lives on this Earth and has a history there and Ultimate Thor’s hammer has been a big part of the God of Thunder’s recent adventures.

Jimmy could make for a very interesting addition to X-Men: Blue, but fans hoping for the actual Wolverine are bound to be disappointed. Marvel is also going to have to do a lot to explain how this character ended up here and why we should care about his adventures with the X-Men.

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