007 Legends Developer Eurocom Shuts Down

In sadder game news today, longtime U.K. game developer Eurocom has confirmed that it has gone into administration and laid off all remaining employees. The company’s most recent title was 007 Legends. Other games from the Derby-based company include Harry Potter for Kinect, Dead Space: Extraction, and Disney Universe.

An official statement from Eurocom representatives cited the major reasons for the studio’s closure were lower game sales since 2008, as well as competition from smaller developers that cost less to contract. Company administrator Dean Nelson also said that efforts would be made to try and make new work opportunities available for the company’s former employees in the future.

It’s always sad to hear about layoffs and closures in the game industry, and this is no exception. Hopefully the former staff of Eurocom will be able to find more work soon and we wish them the best in the future.