Puzzle Platformer 10 Second Ninja X Hits Xbox One, PlayStation 4 And PC This Summer


10 Second Ninja X, the puzzle platformer game cooked-up by indie developer Four Circle Interactive comes to all major platforms this Summer, says publisher Curve Digital.

The game is a pseudo-sequel to Four Circle’s previous 10 Second Ninja, and 10 Second Ninja X aims to improve upon the foundation established by its predecessor. Four Circle Interactive’s Dan Pearce says that the follow-up arose due, in part, to the team feeling like they had some “unfinished business from the original release.”

We definitely felt we had some unfinished business from the original release, so we’re thrilled to be partnering with Curve for a PC and console release. They really get what we’re doing with the game – and, unlike some other people we spoke to, didn’t suggest we called the sequel ’11 Second Ninja’. We can’t wait to find out whether PC or console players are the best at destroying insane robots in super-fast fashion.

In an effort to reward fans of the original or never got around to picking it up, all 40 stages from the original game will be made available upon completion of the main game.

You can give the announcement trailer above a gander if you’re interested in finding out what the time attack title looks like, but Pearce himself describes it on Sony’s PlayStation blog as a “tough-as-nails platformer that works a bit like if Super Meat Boy French kissed Trials HD. You have ten seconds to kill all the enemies in each level. The faster you do it, the better rating you get; the better rating you get, the more levels you unlock.”

Think you’ve got what it takes to conquer 10 Second Ninja X‘s extremely tight twitch gameplay? You’ll be able to put your money where your mouth is when Summer rolls around, when the game releases for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.