13% Of The UK’s Entire Adult Population Have Downloaded Pokemom Go

Pokemon Go screens-970-80

Who says Pokemon is for kids?

According to a survey carried out by YouGov, a whopping 6.1 million UK adults have downloaded and played hit mobile game Pokemon Go since it launched last month, but even more impressive is the revelation that of those 6 million players, 5.3 million of them are currently active, meaning they’ve logged in for a spot of digital hunting at least once within a week of when the survey was conducted.

What’s more, the stats reveal that 16% of all players have spent at least 79p (roughly $1) on in-game purchases, with 600,000 having dropped between 80p to £14.99 ($20). On the more extreme end of the scale, there’s 7000 of you out there that have spent over £75 ($96) on Pokeballs, incenses and egg incubators.

For the full breakdown by spending bracket, see the graph below, courtesy of YouGov.


It’s safe to say that Pokemon Go has been a resounding success in the UK then, but what about the rest of the world? If it follows suit with what we see here, Niantic are likely to pretty ecstatic with the overall reception their augmented reality title has received.

It’s not all smooth sailing, however. The developer has recently been attempting to replace its popular ‘Steps’ system with a new and improved version after removing the former to stop third-party websites from accessing the game’s servers.