1954: Alcatraz Launches March 11 On Steam & GOG


1954: Alcatraz, a story-driven point-and-click adventure game for the PC, will launch internationally on March 11 via both Steam and GOG.com. Developed by Irresponsible Games and published by Daedalic Entertainment, distributor of such other adventure titles as The Whispered World and Deponia, the game is set in 1950s San Francisco and tells the story of Alcatraz prisoner Joe and his wife Christine, the latter of whom is dealing with gangsters seeking Joe’s cut of their money.

Besides offering conventional adventure gameplay, 1954: Alcatraz also looks to be taking a page from the likes of The Walking Dead and Heavy Rain by offering specific choices that will alter the story, likely encouraging replay value. When released, the game will cost $19.99, and offer both English and German audio, as well as French and Russian subtitles.

Does the concept of a prison-based adventure game sound promising to you? Let us know your thoughts on 1954: Alcatraz in the comments section below.