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2 Free PS4 Games Now Available For All PlayStation Plus Members

Two great games are now available to download free of charge for all PlayStation Plus members, and you won't want to miss them.


As far as this year is concerned, at least, Sony has been absolutely destroying the competition with its selection of titles for PlayStation Plus subscribers. Similarly to Microsoft and its Games With Gold promotion (which, rumor has it, the platform holder is planning on scrapping in favor of Game Pass), PlayStation 4 owners who sign up to the console’s online service and pay the monthly subscription get access to two free titles every 30 days.

There’s a caveat to this show of generosity, of course, in that you must remain a PS Plus member in order to continue accessing everything downloaded without charge, though with high quality content such as Middle-earth: Shadow of War and Hollow Knight on offer, there’s little room to complain. Both adventures are available starting today until December 3rd, whereupon they’ll be replaced with a duo of (hopefully, at least) equally acclaimed experiences.

November, however, is a particularly special month for Sony fans, as next week marks the long-awaited arrival of the PlayStation 5.


The next-gen device boasts superior hardware, allowing for faster loading times and more impressive visuals over its predecessor, but where does that leave loyal PS Plus users who decide to take the plunge and shell out $500 for the new console? Fortunately, those concerns have already been put to rest via the confirmation that a third free game, Bugsnax, will be included alongside the aforementioned Shadow of War and Hollow Knight, arriving at the later date of November 12th to coincide with the PS5’s launch. A PS4 version of Bugsnax will also be available, but not be included with PS Plus.

That about wraps up all the important stuff you need to know, then, but before you shoot off, be sure to let us know in the usual place below which of the above you intend to play first!

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