20 Minutes Of Dead Space 3 Gameplay Released

It takes a lot to scare a horror fanatic like myself, but I’ll be completely honest: Dead Space scared me like no other game ever has before. Visceral Games had such an amazing handle on what it takes to scare gamers, and even managed to still be terrifying while adding explosive action to the second outing. Will they be able to carry on this high standard of fear into the third iteration?

Check for yourself, as Visceral has recently posted a 20 minute video detailing new gameplay sequences, all narrated by producer Steve Papoutsis. More co-op sequences are shown, as are a few more single player examples. We also get a quick look at a few sequences that are shaping up to be pretty intense.

Get ready to hear phrases like “super awesome,” “pulping,” “super cool,” and “fricking cool” a ton of times, as Papoutsis’ narration is just a tad bit excited.

Check out the video below and let us know what you think about Dead Space 3 in the comments!

Sorry, the video is currently unavailable.