2K Games’ UK Division Teases New BioShock Experience


Is a new BioShock game in the works at one of 2K Games’ affiliated studios? It’s a definite possibility, given a teaser image that was recently posted to Twitter by the company’s UK division.

The teaser itself — which shows a naked woman holding an apple, with the slogan, “Come bite the apple!” written on it — brings back memories of the series’ first two games. Why? Well, for starters, “Eve’s Garden” shows up underneath the piece of fruit. Fans will remember that name as being the title of Rapture’s gentleman’s club, which appeared in both the original BioShock and its sequel’s multiplayer mode. The image’s art style is also more reminiscent of something from the underwater city, as opposed to Columbia, BioShock Infinite‘s city in the clouds.

What 2K is teasing here is currently a mystery. After all, Irrational Games has already closed its doors, following the conclusion of BioShock Infinite‘s Burial at Sea DLC arc. Additionally, series creator Ken Levine recently stated that his previously rumoured, turn-based BioShock game for PS Vita is all but cancelled.

In a perfect world, this would lead up to an amazing new BioShock game for current-gen consoles and PC; one that either returns to Rapture, or explores a new location entirely. Here’s hoping that will end up being the case.