Watch As Twisted Metal Melds With Giant Robot Combat

When the Twisted Metal moniker is brought up within a group of gamers, thoughts immediately go to metal on metal vehicular mayhem. There’s rarely any thought about gigantic robots duking it out with machine guns, clown faces and pigtails.

That’s about to change once the masses see this new pre-E3 trailer for the upcoming series reboot. Known simply as Twisted Metal, the game is set to introduce some new features into the series’ classic formula. Some have been confirmed, such as an attack chopper special move, but the new gameplay footage contained within this trailer shows Sweet Tooth the clown morphing into what looks like a Transformers robot. The evil, ice cream truck driving clown had that ability as a special move in Twisted Metal Black, but it looks to be much more prevalent in this iteration.

Check out the trailer below and take a look at the unusual new element coming to everyone’s favourite vehicular combat game. See Sweet Tooth morph into a twenty-storey high robot, and then see him take on an even larger robot boss, which takes the form of a girl with pigtails.

It’ll sure be interesting to see what is said about this at E3 this upcoming week. Hopefully it’ll be brought up at Sony’s press conference.

Twisted Metal will be in-stores on October 4 of this year, for the PlayStation 3.