Watch Lara Croft In This 6 Minute Tomb Raider Demo

Crystal Dynamics have aimed to impress with their Tomb Raider reboot. Mentioned a while ago, the game received its first computer-generated trailer just a couple of nights ago on GTTV. Now, the developer is eager to talk about their project, starting with a big reveal at Microsoft’s press conference this morning, including a 6 minute long live demo.

Known simply as Tomb Raider, this reboot takes us back to the days of Lara Croft’s early twenties, complete with a youthful character model redesign. Published by Square-Enix, it promises to wow those who have stuck with the series through its recent rough patches, as well as newcomers. With what they showed today, it’s sure to be able to please both camps.

Today’s footage shows Lara escaping from a dark, water-infested cavern, using her agility, endurance and wit. Not to mention a trusty torch. It really looks like a survival horror game, with buttom prompts to pick up certain things and the way she moves at times. Though it will most-likely still retain the series’ core action-adventure roots. Regardless, I cannot wait to get my hands on it.