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Every day Wordle gives players a new challenge to test their minds with and today is no exception.

If you’ve found your way here then you’ve already done the heavy lifting and uncovered the last two letters in the puzzle. With a little further help, you can solve the puzzle in no time.

To provide some assistance we’ve compiled a list of 30 words that Wordle uses which fit the criteria of ending with DE. Use them as a guide to work through the wrong answers and solve your puzzle.

5 letter words ending in DE

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With the last two letters already uncovered, you’ve taken the first major step in weeding out wrong answers and finding the correct solution to your Wordle puzzle. That said, there are still a ton of possibilities.

To help out, we’ve compiled a list of 30 different words that could be the right answer for your, including the correct solution to the puzzle. We suggest starting with seeking out the start of the word next so try some options that may be the opening letters, vowels are always a great starting point.

  • abide 
  • abode 
  • barde 
  • blade 
  • chide 
  • crude 
  • diode 
  • evade 
  • exude 
  • glade 
  • horde 
  • imide 
  • irade 
  • kynde 
  • lande 
  • merde 
  • oxide 
  • pride 
  • shade 
  • slide 
  • snide 
  • solde 
  • spode 
  • stade 
  • suede 
  • swede 
  • tride 
  • tynde 
  • vilde 
  • waide

Using this is list you can limit the options and greatly increase your chances of finding the solution to your puzzle. If you weren’t able to guess correctly today have not fear as there will be a new puzzle to test your skills with tomorrow.

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