5 Letter Words Starting With PL – Wordle Game Help

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Not all answers to Wordle are difficult as sometimes — they’d like to keep it simple. There are only 19 five-letter words that start with “PL”, most of them being common words used in everyday conversation, so solving this puzzle shouldn’t be that difficult.

A tip I can give for this one is that don’t bother using the letter “O”. There are no words that start with “PL” that is followed by that vowel. Another tip is to check if the word has the letter “N” or “D” as it will clear at least half the list. Last is to figure out if the word is a noun or a verb. Once that’s sorted, finding the rest of the letters should be easy.

You have a limited amount of guesses you can use so answer wisely.

So whether you need some help with this puzzle or you just want a refresher, here is the small list of words that starts with “PL” in alphabetical order.

5 Letter Words Starting With PL – Wordle Game Help

  • place
  • plaid
  • plain
  • plait
  • plane
  • plank
  • plant
  • plate
  • plaza
  • plead
  • pleat
  • plied
  • plier
  • pluck
  • plumb
  • plume
  • plump
  • plunk
  • plush

Hopefully, this list can help you find the word you’re looking for. Whilst there is a chance you might get the right word as you use up all your chances, maybe this list would give you a refresher for the next time you’re faced with this letter combination.