Firaxis Reveal Second XCOM 2 DLC Pack Titled Alien Hunters

XCOM 2 alien hunters

Dangerous alien rulers will await in the second DLC pack for XCOM 2, with Firaxis confirming that the new content will be available from May 12. Titled Alien Hunters, the pack features a narrative-driven mission, new weapons and armour and a new Hunter’s Lodge update to the Avenger’s Armoury.

The update also adds three new Ruler alien units to combat. These new Rulers, including the Viper King are mightily formidable foes. They will show up at random in your campaign – once you’ve completed a new narrative mission – and each will have their own unique behaviour and tactics; you’d be a fool to expect them to act like their subordinates. If you can’t take out a ruler quick enough, the alien will even escape to fight another day…

Fortunately, you won’t be facing these deadly new enemies empty handed, as Alien Hunters is putting plenty of new weapons and armour to your disposal in XCOM 2. From Bolt Caster to Hunter’s Axe, there are a ton of new ways to lay waste to your foes in the ongoing conflict.

The update will also include a compatibility patch for XCOM 2, which will include authentication for Alien Hunters along with general bug fixes, balancing in the single player, performance optimizations and a rebalanced multiplayer experience for the base game.

Alien Hunters will be available for XCOM 2 players from May 12, at a cost of $9.99, or as part of the larger Reinforcements Pack.