A Mobile Game Is Under Fire For Doing NFTs

In the modern world of gaming and other media, the introduction of non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, has proven to be consistently controversial. The latest example of this involves backlash from fans of the mobile game Cookie Run for jumping on the NFT bandwagon.

The news of this development comes to us from Twitter user @koffeebeecookie, who said the mobile app has “plans to start making NFT-based Cookie Run art.”

NFTs are essentially a form of collectible digital artwork made up of a unique string of code on a digital ledger known as a blockchain, with the value fluctuating depending on the demand, according to CBS News. While NFTs are touted by some as putting the power back in the hands of artists, their association with crypto technology makes them controversial for the environmental toll such technology is thought to exert. NFTs and cryptocurrencies utilize much computing power to generate, resulting in the use of energy and subsequent greenhouse gas emissions, some argue.

As such, a new hashtag has cropped up on Twitter: #StopCookieRunNFTS, which fans of the mobile game are using to express their discontent at the newest property to tout NFTs.

In fact, one of the moderators for the Cookie Run Discord has even purportedly quit over game developer Devsisters’ NFT debacle.

Some are even creating their own artwork to spread awareness of the issue.

Another graphic conveys to Devsisters: “The Cookie Run playerbase asks you to reconsider this decision.”

Many are saying “no thanks” to the idea of NFTs in Cookie Run.

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