A New Pokemon Direct Is Being Held By Nintendo On February 26


Nintendo’s inviting Pokemon fans to celebrate the series’ 20th anniversary this Friday with a new Pokemon Direct. The Big N’s holding the broadcast on February 26 at 7am Pacific Time / 3pm GMT and it will contain, according to the company, all “the latest on Pokemon games.”

But what, specifically, can we expect to catch a glimpse of in the mini conference? Well, there’s the obvious – Pokken Tournament and the 3DS Virtual Console versions of Pokemon Red, Blue and Yellow will surely be promoted – but could there be some surprises in store for us?

Besides the potential announcement of some new Poke-themed Amiibos, many will undoubtedly be hoping for some news on the rumored-to-exist Pokemon Z; a third game in the X & Y series.

Pokemon Yellow, Crystal and Platinum have set a precedent over the years for a third bonus game of sorts, that introduces new gameplay elements and improvements over the original two versions of a generation. The reveal of new forms for mythical Pokemon Zygarde have only added fuel to the flames over its potential existence.

Speculation is bound to run high over the next couple of days leading up to the broadcast, but only Nintendo has the answers. Roll on Friday!

Source: VideoGamer

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