A Remake Of The First Postal Is Headed To PlayStation 4 And PC This Year


The first game in the notoriously violent Postal series is getting a remake from the ground up this year, developer Runs With Scissors has confirmed. As is customary with our dear video industry, the new lick of paint comes with a new name; Postal Redux will release on PlayStation 4 and PC at some point this year – marking the first time the series has been available on consoles.

Unlike the more well-known sequel Postal 2, the first game is played from an overhead, isometric viewpoint as opposed to first-person like its successor. Runs With Scissors says that the remake will come with updated visuals, brand new content and reworked features to satisfy a modern-day audience. A new Rampage Mode will also be included, which tasks players with racking up a high score by means of killing as many people as possible. If that’s not enough to stir up controversy, we’ll eat our hats.

Studio founder Vince Desi has attributed the Postal‘s success to its passionate fans, despite the negative attention its violent subject matter attracts.

Even with all the noise surrounding POSTAL, gamers focused on the experience, playing the game by the millions, giving it great user reviews and helping us not only survive, but flourish. POSTAL Redux is a love letter to our fans.

There’s no firm release date for Postal Redux just yet, but Runs With Scissors says it will release on SteamOS, Windows and Mac first in the Spring, with the PlayStation 4 version to follow afterwards. You can check out the teaser trailer above.

Source: VideoGamer

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