AC: Brotherhood Multiplayer Gets…Raiden?

Those of you who are planning on picking up a copy of Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood later on this November, might find these new multiplayer character reveals pretty cool.

The latest on the growing list (I thought the 7 or 8 in the original bunch were awesome enough) is Raiden from the Metal Gear series. The badass blonde cyborg ninja will be available after completing certain tasks in the new training mode feature according to sources at Joystiq. The Raiden skin will then be useable in the online multiplayer and we can only assume he will boast a bunch of acrobatic sword kills/skills to practise on unfortunate targets.

It seems Metal Gear is returning the favour to AC after Ubisoft let MGS4 give you an Altair skin (first game’s chief stabber) after meeting certain targets in a playthrough. Another multiplayer skin was revealed officially by Ubisoft yesterday; the Hellequin. This female character looks like a twisted counterpart to the pre-order exclusive Harlequin, and was shown alongside the unveiling of the Uplay (Ubisoft gaming currency/ spendable Xp) unlocks support.

Now that the initial ‘wow’ and novelty of an Assassin’s Creed multiplayer has settled a bit, we can monitor the game closely to see if there will be any long term substance behind the impressive and glossy premise. In the meantime though, who’s excited to start free running with Raiden? As our new forums are finally open to the public, please head on over and share your thoughts.

Below is the full list of multiplayer characters announced thus far:















Harlequin (Pre-order exclusive)

Hellequin (Uplay unlock)

Officer (Pre-order exclusive)

MGS4 Raiden (special unlock)

What a crowd eh? Rome is in for one hell of a party…and stabbings…hmm…

Each character can be modified subtly as your rank increases, and the crowds you navigate through are made up of copies of these skins. How many more characters will we see, and will there be any other surprise gaming guests? Who knows…November the 19th is distant yet and there is bound to be multiplayer DLC.