Ace Combat 7 Is Headed To PlayStation 4 And VR


Ace Combat 7 is coming to Sony’s console, runs on the Unreal Engine 4 and will also include features designed specifically for PlayStation VR, developer Project Aces has announced. The developer says that it will represent “the most engaging aerial battles in the franchise’s storied 20 year history” featuring “photorealistic visuals and beautifully rendered skies.”

Additionally, Namco Europe’s VP of marketing Herve Hoerdt attributed the series’ continued success to its “tremendous quality” and “deep storytelling.”

It’s no small feat for any video game franchise to thrive over two decades. Ace Combat’s legacy lies in its tremendous quality and deep storytelling. With Ace Combat 7, we are planning on dominating the skies once again and delivering an unparalleled experience thanks to the PlayStation 4 technologies and to our team experience with their know-how!

The first game in the franchise, titled Air Combat, was released in 1992 for the original PlayStation and arcade systems, with eighteen sequels having been released for various platforms over the last 20 years. The most recent release – Ace Combat: Assault Horizon Legacy – is an Nintendo 3DS exclusive.

There’s currently been no release date announced for Ace Combat 7, but stay tuned for any and all updates as and when they come.