Action Puzzler Tiny Brains Will Be Available On PS4 November 26th


Heard of Tiny Brains? You’ve probably heard of Tiny Wings. That game is awesome. This isn’t Tiny Wings, though. It’s Tiny Brains. Perhaps not coincidentally, it also looks awesome.

Despite some initial confusion about when the adorable PlayStation 4 multiplayer puzzler would be made available, publisher 505 Games seems to have finally nailed down a November 26th release date, coinciding not too long after the PS4’s release. For many buyers who haven’t pre-ordered a PS4 (including myself, sadly), you may not even have a console until Tiny Brains is out anyways. I suppose that’s a silver lining, if you like looking at the bright side of stuff.

Tiny Brains looks like a lighthearted and goofy multiplayer romp – it does feature superpowered rodents, after all. The game is definitely aware of the ridiculousness of its premise, too. So much so, in fact, that according to the co-founder of Spearhead Games, the in-game narrator will “sometimes make fun of the [game’s] mechanics; he knows how silly it is.” A good sense of humor never hurts a game’s chances.

Tiny Brains will also see a release on other platforms, and according to 505 those are on track for a release in “early December.” Clearly they want us playing the PS4 version, but it’s good to know non-early adopters can wait it out and still experience the game if they so desire.

For more info on Tiny Brains, there’s a meaty post on the PlayStation Blog you can check out, or just watch the delightful teaser trailer linked below.