Action-Packed Screens From Resistance: Burning Skies Surface

The Resistance series is one that is known for having quite a bit of ferociously intense action scenarios. So much so that it gets the descriptive nod as being more of an arcade shooter, as opposed to a finesse-based realistic one. Sure, the visuals are eerily life-like, but the gameplay is faster than its look suggests.

At Sony‘s recent European event, the company showed off some new screens from the series’ first trip to the PlayStation Vita: Resistance: Burning Skies. A surprise to none, is the fact that the screens are full of visceral action, with bullets flying and explosions erupting. That’s just what the doctor ordered for those of us who enjoy a good shoot first, ask questions later, romp within the series’ alien-infested locations.

In my opinion, they look quite good and certainly pique my interest in this title. Do you feel the same? Let us know your opinion in the comments section.

Take a look below, in order to check out five screens from Nihilistic Software‘s, Resistance: Burning Skies: