Cold War Stealth Title Alekhine’s Gun Delayed Until February 2016

Alekhine's Gun

Alekhine's Gun

Originally slated to release this month, Maximum games have delayed their upcoming Cold War stealth game, Alekhine’s Gun, to February 9th of 2016. In a press release, they cited their reasons behind this push as being a desire for a “comprehensive, synchronized global launch.”

The title takes place during the Cold War, running from the tumultuous end of World War II through the 1960s. The player is dropped into the shoes of the ex-KGB assassin, Agent Alekhine, who teams up with the CIA to untangle a dangerous conspiracy. With a range of classic stealth manoeuvres, a focus on choice-based game play, and open plan levels, the game is aiming to throw an intriguing spin on the stealth genre by placing characters in a historical framework.

Christina Seelve, CEO of Maximum Games, had this to say about Alekhine’s Gun slipping to 2016.

“With Alekhine’s Gun being our first intellectual property as publishers, we want its unveiling to match the excitement generated around this title… Given the support we are seeing from gamers around the globe who are eagerly awaiting Alekhine’s Gun, we feel this game deserves an all-encompassing worldwide launch.”

The Cold War stealth-em-up will land on Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC in the US on February 9 2016. Thanks to Kiss Ltd, a UK based digital distribution company, the game will be released on Steam the same day. European versions of the console releases will also land on February 9.

Alekhine’s Gun looks like an intriguing return to a more serious type of stealth game. With the touted gameplay mechanics including wearing disguises to infiltrate, performing assassinations, and undertaking espionage and Intel gathering, it feels heavily inspired by the Hitman franchise, even if Agent Alekhine isn’t as follically challenged as Agent 47.

With a focus on open levels and multiple ways to achieve objectives through puzzle solving and creative game play, Alekhine’s Gun looks like the deep stealth title that current-gen gamers have been waiting for since the Hitman reboot was delayed to 2016, and we can’t wait to get our hands on it.