ALIEN: Isolation Developers Talk Character Models And Animation

alien isolation (3) copy

Creative Assembly is doing everything it can to ensure that ALIEN: Isolation‘s cast is as believably human as possible, which is something that is highlighted within its latest developer diary.

In order to achieve believability and realism, the team behind the licensed horror game chose to cast real people from the get-go. Through that, they were able to employ state-of-the-art scanning techniques, which allowed the actors’ facial movements and mannerisms to be copied into the game. It’s an impressive way of doing things, although not entirely new, considering that sports games (and certain others, such as Beyond: Two Souls) have previously utilized similar tech.

Although the final result of the aforementioned process has yet to be seen, the footage that is shown within the trailer happens to look great. It comes bearing a note, though, which states that it’s both pre-alpha and a “work in progress.”

ALIEN: Isolation will rekindle our fear of space when it launches on October 7.