All teams competing in the MCC 21 Minecraft Championship

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With April here, it’s time for e-sports fans to break out an ice-cold 2-liter bottle of Diet Mountain Dew and open a fresh Mega Size bag of Cool Ranch Doritos, because the Minecraft Championships are upon us once again.

It seems like only yesterday that the world gathered to watch the greatest to ever drag a mouse across a desk to walk across a poorly-rendered 3-D landscape. But now, in a feat of strength and cunning that puts so-called “Olympic” athletes to shame, ten teams of four will meet face-to-avatar to determine who is the best at playing a video game designed for children.

The MCC is an event run by Noxcrew, an independent team of Minecraft creators who have been designing Minecraft worlds and adventures since 2011, and creating add-on items for in-game purchase as official Minecraft partners since 2017. There is no fee to enter and no prize money to be won; just a championship of pure sport to determine the biggest winner in the world of Minecraft.

Each team is named after a color and corresponding alliterative animal name. They are the Krimson Kraken, Orange Ocelots, Yellow Yaks, Lime Llamas, Green Geckos, Cyan Coyotes, Aqua Axolotls, Blue Bats, Purple Pandas, and Pink Parrots.

As of press time, only half of the team lineups have been announced via the official Noxcrew MCC Twitter. They are:


Dream, TommyInnit, Sylvee, Nihachu


PeteZahHutt, Solidarity, GoodTimesWithScar, Grian


Fruitberries, Smallishbeans, fWhip, Rendog


Illumina, ElainaExe, Ph!lzA, Shubble


Krtzyy, Kaptain Sparklez, KaraCorvus, Krinios

You can catch all of the action on April 30 on the Noxcrew Official MCC Twitch stream, as well as each teams’ individual Twitch channels.

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