All the games from Nintendo’s Indie Word Showcase you can play today

Image via Nintendo

The Nintendo Switch‘s library of indie games continues to grow with a host of exclusives and ports announced at today’s Indie World Showcase. Nintendo’s been hosting the stream that highlights indie games coming to the platform since 2017 under the retired banner of “Nindies Showcase.”

Today’s livestream featured new announcements from popular indie studios and the debut trailers for unknown developers alike, as well as a special “one more thing” saved for the very end (spoiler: it was not an update Silksong). While focused on 2022, several of the featured titles will come to the platform today.

Chicory: A Colorful Tale makes its way from PC, PS4, and PS5 today. Developed by a “team of friends” with a pedigree in everything from Celeste and Night in the Woods to Wandersong and published by Finji, the game lets players color in the world as the wielder of a magical brush. A cute and saccharine open-world named after different meals is the setting for a story that grapples with serious issues like creative burnout.

Dungeon Munchies is coming to the Switch later today. The dungeon crawling, 2D action side-scrollers novel twist is that you make your power-ups by cooking undead monster parts with the help of the Necro-Chef Simmer. Developed by Taiwanese studio maJAJa a, Dungeon Munchies launched on Steam in Early access in 2019. Chorus Worldwide publishes the Switch version.

A host of popular tabletop board games from Oink Games are coming to the Switch in Let’s Play! Oink Games. The timed exclusive features Deep Sea Adventure, Startups

A Fake Artist Goes To New York, and Moon Adventure at launch (today!), with more to come. All of the games support local and online co-op.

While several games announced today feature co-op, Urnique Studios’ 2020 stealth puzzle adventure Timelie, releasing on the e-shop today along with a demo, touts a cooperative single-player experience. Players control a young girl and her cat, who can manipulate time, giving you the ability to coordinate their movement through a level as they sneak through a mysterious world. Additionally, Timelie on Switch will include the Hell Loop DLC.

Today, you can also play a demo for Bedtime Games’ Figment 2: Creed Valley. Previously announced for PC, the Switch release is scheduled for February. Figment 2 is a musical puzzle adventure game featuring combat, puzzles, and bosses. Music is the game’s focus, featuring an adaptive soundtrack and symphonic mechanics. You can also play the game solo or with a local co-op.

Many more games were announced for next year, like the developers of Coffee Talk’s next game Afterlove EP, a rhythm game about “love, loss, and lyricism,” as well as a Switch port for Omocat’s wholly unique RPG Omori. You can watch the entire presentation below.