Angry Birds Return In Seasons

First there was the iPhone version of Angry Birds, created by Rovio Mobile. With millions of downloads it quickly became a huge success; while other smart phone users waited patiently.  Me being one of those as I happen to be a happy Android owner. Then, last October I finally got to experience the phenomenon of Angry Birds on my Droid!

If you are not familiar with Angry Birds, a quick refresher. You control a flock of Angry Birds trying to get their eggs back from the evil pigs. The pigs take shelter behind and under various objects that you have to smash through in order to defeat the pigs.

While many extra chapters have been released for various versions of Angry Birds, Seasons is the first one released simultaneously on the iPhone and Android marketplace. It contains 25 Christmas themed levels, and the previous iPhone family exclusive 45 level Halloween edition. The original Angry Birds and Seasons is available as a free, ad-support download through the marketplace.

In Seasons’ 25 levels there is one for everyday from December 1st to the 25th; Christmas! Unlike previous versions it is not going to take a high enough score to get to the next level; you are going to have to wait till the next day. That’s right, only one level per day will unlock (at least until someone finds a way around this).

Day 1 was a pyramid that is made out of snow and some stones. With a couple presents on the outside it is the perfect beginning to the Christmas season. This level will test your skill in order to get three stars. Earlier at midnight, Day 2 unlocked for me and brings a return of the bomber white birds and what appears to be a very challenging level.

What will unlock as the days progress? I for one playing each day’s level till it is three starred and will be waiting anxiously to find out what comes next. It appears that the days unlock based on Pacific Time; and don’t try just setting your phone’s clock forward, it didn’t work for me!