Apex Legends Dev Says News On Nintendo Switch Version Coming Very Soon

Apex Legends

While an official ETA for Apex Legends on Nintendo Switch has never been provided, fans are beginning to grow a little impatient with the project’s progress.

Announced way back in the summer of last year in publisher EA’s digital-only games showcase, news pertaining to the port has been few and far between, naturally raising concerns over its status and, perhaps worst of all, that it had either been thrown on the back burner or scrapped outright. Fortunately, it seems neither is true, as Apex director Chad Grenier appears to have recently teased a long-awaited update on the Apex Games’ upcoming expansion into new frontiers.

In responding to one player’s request for any semblance of a sit-rep, Grenier replied with a simple: “Will have some news very soon!” Not exactly the in-depth ‘Everything You Need To Know About Apex Legends On Switch’ that many have no doubt been hoping for, but Grenier’s statement implies, at the very least, that the port is still on Respawn’s radar.

Nevertheless, several questions remain with regard to the battle royale’s future on mobile platforms, especially in terms of performance. Ninty’s hybrid device has markedly weaker hardware than the likes of Microsoft and Sony’s more traditional home consoles and if cross-play between all three is to ever be realized, a blanket 60fps frame rate is borderline necessary to maintain parity. It’s certainly possible for those goalposts to be met on the former, but visual fidelity will no doubt take a hit to compensate.

There’s also the equally anticipated mobile version of Apex Legends to consider, though details for that, too, remain scarce. We’ll keep you abreast of any developments as and when they come, but for now, see here for everything we know so far.