Apex Legends Dev Says Season 9 Will Add Things That Nobody Expects

Apex Legends

Rich in content it may already be, but Respawn Entertainment has absolutely no intention of scaling back its plans for Apex Legends.

The battle royale, which launched in 2019 and swiftly became an overnight success despite the lack of any real advertising, just recently celebrated the arrival of Season 7. Notable not only for adding all the now-standard features fans expect on a trimonthly basis, Ascension also debuted a third map, Olympus, alongside usable vehicles. Owing to the new arena’s vast size and scale when compared to Kings Canyon and/or World’s Edge, the so-called Trident allows squads to mount up and speed around the utopian city’s streets and even engage in mobile warfare.

It’s not quite the long-awaited introduction of pilotable mechs from Apex‘s spiritual predecessor (Titanfall), but who knows what the future holds? Respawn has stated in the past, after all, that dropping the bipedal war machines from orbit would simply never work from a balance perspective, but it once said the same of wall-running – a mechanic that temporarily found its way in-game as part of a limited-time Halloween event.

That being the case, could it be that director Chad Grenier is alluding to the implementation of Titans in a future season? As part of a wider interview with IGN discussing the troubles of supporting a live service title remotely during a pandemic, Grenier teases in his closing comments that while he’s excited to reveal what’s in store for players starting with Season 8, it’s those scheduled to come after that he’s especially looking forward to. Season 9, he says, will feature “major things” nobody expects, and largely considers next year’s roadmap to contain some of the studio’s “best work” to date.

Grenier is certainly outwardly confident, then, but can Apex Legends live up to the hype in 2021? Let us know what you think in the usual place below!