Apex Legends Halloween Event Confirmed By Pathfinder Voice Actor


As if a brand new season wasn’t enough content to satiate the appetites of Apex Legends‘ player base, it seems Respawn already has plans in place for future updates in the form of a new limited-time event. Despite being forced to suffer through several months of content drought around launch, recent times have seen fans inundated with special celebratory occasions such as Iron Crown Collection and Voidwalker, the latter of which ultimately proved to be a home run for the developer.

It goes without saying, then, that Season 3 will continue where its predecessor left off in that regard, and thanks to recent comments provided by Pathfinder voice actor Chris Edgerly, we now know what shape Apex‘s next event will take. Speaking to Dexerto, Edgerly revealed that Halloween will soon make its mark on Kings Canyon (or will it be World’s Edge?) with a raft of festivities not to be missed.

“The Halloween event coming up is going to be simply amazing,” says Edgerly, adding that he’s “recorded some new stuff for a short for it, where Pathfinder has a much bigger role.” An interesting revelation, no doubt, but one made all the more surprising by confirmation of Pathfinder’s upcoming exposure. The happy-go-lucky robot is the only one of his kind currently part of Apex Legends‘ roster and, as recently achieved with Wraith and Crypto, it appears as if Respawn intends to flesh out the bot’s backstory in much the same way. What’s more, Edgerly promises that the event will feature some “creepy, scary, kick-ass designs,” but declines to comment any further.

What format (time-limited mode, new items, map changes, decoration, etc.) Respawn means to adopt for its Halloween extravaganza remains to be seen, though if prior leaks are any indication, expect an invasion of giant spiders and some truly gruesome skins to earn. Stay tuned for more details!

Source: Dexerto