Apex Legends Leak Hints At New ‘Cryo Grenade’ Gadget Coming Soon

Apex Legends

As if the arrival of Season 10 hadn’t already served to drastically shake up the established meta in Apex Legends, it would seem as though Respawn Entertainment has further ideas up its sleeve to keep gameplay feeling fresh over the next few months.

As spotted by prolific data miner Shrugtal over the weekend, files added to the battle royale alongside Emergence have seemingly implied several as-yet-unreleased content additions, including what appears to be an all-new grenade type.

This gadget, unofficially dubbed the “Cryo Grenade,” is still missing several necessary components to make it ready for a live play environment, including a final in-game model. Currently, the chilling ordnance is represented as a blue-colored reskin of the ever-popular Thermite Grenade, suggesting its status as a placeholder. Though it’s ultimately too early to say, either way.

As for how it works, the jury’s still out on that one, unfortunately. For the time being, fans are only able to speculate by name alone that it’ll have the power to cause drastic temperature drops upon impact. This could either be in the form of erecting a wall of ice, similarly to how the Thermite Grenade spews a line of fire, or a simpler area-of-effect that slows anyone caught in the blast radius.

There’s always the possibility, of course, that this is little more than leftover code for something never intended for release. But we’ll be on the lookout for any and all additional information as and when it surfaces, so stay tuned. Until then, let us know how you think a Cryo Grenade could work in Apex Legends down below!