Apex Legends Leak Reveals Potential New Heirloom For Octane


The next addition to Apex Legends‘ highly sought after Heirloom items could be arriving soon, new leaks suggest.

For those unaware, the term refers to special cosmetic-only overrides for a specific character, usually taking the form of an override for any individual Legend’s melee attack. Just one of these – Wraith’s Kunai – was available at launch as an extremely rare drop from Apex Packs, though Respawn has since introduced several others. Lifeline, Pathfinder and Bloodhound have all received their own Heirloom items over the last 12 months, most of which were only available for a brief period in limited-time events.

The expectation, then, is that the studio will eventually get around to releasing one such trinket for every existing and future Legend as time goes on, and it appears as if the next in line to receive theirs has been revealed ahead of schedule.

According to prominent leaker and Twitter user That1MiningGuy, several references to an Octane Heirloom have been added to the battle royale’s files alongside Season 4, all but confirming its arrival. What’s more, several references to “octane_knife” are present, pointing to the adrenaline junkie’s new toy being exactly that. Unfortunately, nowhere in the leak is an expected arrival date mentioned, so fans could potentially be in for a sizable wait until the new loot finally arrives.

Assuming Respawn sticks to tradition, however, the likelihood is that Octane’s Heirloom will be included as part of a new Collection-themed event, similar to that which introduced both Bloodhound’s tomahawk and Pathfinder’s boxing gloves. We’ll keep you abreast of any developments on that front, of course, but there’s plenty going on in World’s Edge to keep wandering minds occupied until then.

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Source: Twitter