Apex Legends’ Limited-Time Duos Mode Goes Live Today

Apex Legends

In case you missed the big reveal last week, Apex Legends is finally getting a Duos mode.

You won’t have long to wait, either, as Respawn Entertainment has confirmed that the update is due to release later today. Once the patch is live, players will be able to downsize their usual three-man teams into more manageable pairs, a simple change on the surface that’s sure to necessitate a major shift in strategies, should you wish to succeed. It’s worth noting, too, that similarly to the battle royale’s Solos mode earlier this year, Duos will only be available in-game for a limited time.

Check out the announcement below:

For now, at least, there appear to be no intentions to make either mode a permanent addition, though Respawn has clarified in the past that if experimental playlists such as these prove successful, they could potentially stick around for good. If you’re among the crowd that would love nothing more than to have both options be available permanently alongside Apex‘s standard trios, providing feedback on social media is the best way to voice your support.

Be aware, however, that the arrival of Duos is scheduled to coincide with the removal of Apex Legends‘ current Fight or Fright event. The Halloween-themed affair kicked off last month and introduced a wealth of suitably-themed cosmetics as well as the Shadowfall LTM. Some of the loot on offer is awarded for completing a set number of challenges while others will need to be purchased.

Either way, once Fight or Fright is gone, so too, will the ability to obtain its associated character and weapon skins, so if you’ve had an eye on a particular spooky wardrobe addition for your favourite hero, there’s no time to waste!

Apex Legends is available for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC, with a mobile release confirmed to be in the pipeline.