Apex Legends Players Want Respawn To Change How Looting Works


For games like Apex Legends, looting valuable items from the corpse of a player you’ve just defeated is an integral component of the gameplay loop. The battle royale, like its competitors in the genre, uses the feature as a means of rewarding deft gunplay on an immediate level and, truthfully, rummaging through the belongings of an enemy who no longer needs them is a satisfying payoff.

However, a certain quirk that’s been present in-game since launch has finally outstayed its welcome for some fans, many of which have flocked to social media as a means of voicing their frustrations. The issue is simple. Currently, whenever a player wins a gunfight and opts to have a peek at their spoils of war, the loot menu that pops up will immediately close whenever incoming damage is received.

Sounds like a logical decision on the developer’s part, right? After all, the last thing anyone wants is to be unceremoniously eliminated from a match because they were unaware of being shot while trawling through a menu. On the other hand, however, instinctively pressing a button to quit the menu will serve only to reopen the loot interface and potentially loop several times as players panic in the heat of battle. The fix? The addition of a togglable option.

Nowadays, it’s commonplace for developers to purposely not have their games pause the action when the player opens up such interfaces. The trend has gained popularity for reasons ranging from heightened immersion or strategy, though said titles usually include the option that Reddit user GFHeady is campaigning for as a means of leaving the choice in players’ hands. With any luck, Respawn will take note of the requests and look into making the appropriate changes to Apex Legends in the near future.

Source: Reddit