Apex Legends Players Have Discovered A Secret Monster On The Map

Apex Legends

Apex Legends can now boast a jaw-dropping 25 million player-base, which isn’t bad considering the game launched just a week ago. With that many people running, sliding and blasting their way around its intricate map, it was perhaps only inevitable that they’d begin to uncover some of its secrets, and now they’ve quickly solved a small mystery that had folks scratching their heads in confusion.

We’re talking about the 10 small stuffed dinosaurs dotted around the map and as you may or may not know, shooting them brings up a comment that reads: “a nessy appears.” Giving a mystery like this to players is like throwing a dog a bone – they’re going to chew it until it breaks. And so, a subreddit – r/nessysecrets – was created in order to track down the map’s stuffed dinosaurs and solve the riddle.

Players quickly established that there were ten of these on the map. Thing is, though, even if they were all shot nothing seemed to happen. But then someone realized they needed to be shot in a particular order during a single match. Do that and this is what happens:

Stop giggling at the back! That isn’t what you think it is and honestly, you’re being a little immature right now. What you’re looking at is, in fact, the giant dinosaur that rises out of the ocean that encircles the arena when you complete the sequence.

Honestly, it’s very promising that Respawn has built this into the game. After all, if they’ll put an Easter Egg like this that requires players to collaborate and compare notes with one another, then it indicates that there’ll be further surprises tucked away in each update.

If you want to see this for yourself in Apex Legends, check out this video which will guide you to each stuffed toy. Be warned though that it’s a tall order to shoot them all within one match, so you might want to get some friends to help out.