Apex Legends May Be Getting Portable Respawn Beacons


Apex Legends, which now enjoys a more sustainable level of success following its explosive launch, welcomes players in their thousands to the war zone that is Kings Canyon on a daily basis.

Despite being less than six months old, however, the battle royale has undergone a dizzying number of changes since launch back in February. New characters, more diverse progression systems, desirable cosmetics and the addition of all-important seasonal play, Respawn’s shooter is in the best shape it’s ever been. Indeed, problems with cheaters and balancing issues aside, a sense of equilibrium has somewhat settled in. The calm before the storm, so to speak, before the next big sandbox change rolls around.

As it turns out, such an occasion could be much closer than you think.

Per the most recent efforts of data-miners, it now looks more likely than ever, that the developer has plans to tweak how respawns work. Nothing is confirmed at this point, of course, but there’s really only one way to interpret the leaked audio file unearthed by serial Apex whistleblower Shrugtal.

Now there’s a twist if ever we’ve seen (or heard) one. Famously the first to introduce respawn mechanics to the battle royale formula, Respawn Entertainment clearly feels the time is right to further experiment with the rules by introducing a portable respawn beacon. Currently, the only available method of rejoining your teammates after being eliminated is via the use of stationary beacons scattered throughout the map. Skilled opponents will often mark such locations in an effort to prevent other teams from reviving though should the above be introduced, that strategy will undoubtedly be less effective.

Do note, however, that despite these sorts of leaks often preceding an official announcement, there’s no way of knowing if said new item will make its way in-game. Respawn is well-known for leaving unused or scrapped content in the files and this could be yet another example of that. Either way though, we want to know what you think of the latest potential addition to Apex Legends. Love it? Hate it? Sound off in the comments below!

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