Apex Legends Pros Want Supply Drop Weapons Banned From Competitive Play

Apex Legends

A subset of Apex Legends players is voicing their concerns over the power level of certain weapons and want them removed.

A fierce debate is currently ongoing across social media regarding the battle royale’s Supply Drops feature and the view that any guns found inside them are unsuitable for competitive play. The major issue, it would seem, is that due to the very nature of how they work (Supply Drops periodically spawn in every match and contain largely randomized loot), the outcome of high-level play can often be skewed in favor of those teams that happen to be in the vicinity of a drop, even if they’re statistically not the ‘best’ or favorite to win. In those types of situations, then, one could consider the mechanic to be one intended to give squads lagging behind a chance to come back and clinch a victory, something that’s unacceptable, according to some.

Pro player Monsoon believes that the Kraber – a heavy-duty 50.cal sniper rifle capable of downing an opponent in one shot – especially needs to be completely banned from competitive fixtures, an opinion that has done little to attract them new fans.

As later clarified by TSM_Albralelie, however, Monsoon has no qualms with the Kraber, or any other Supply Drop exclusive, from remaining available in the majority of Apex Legends‘ publicly accessible modes and considers it to primarily be a nuisance in tournaments and other eSports settings. Were Respawn to take the feedback on board, then, it means little would change for the majority of the game’s playerbase. The counterargument to this, on the other hand, is that rare and extremely powerful gear makes for entertaining viewing and memorable gameplay moments.

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