Apex Legends Season 4’s First Special Event May’ve Leaked


Apex Legends Season 4 may be little more than 24 hours old, but it looks as if Respawn already has a roadmap of content for the immediate future locked in and ready to go. Well almost, at least. Chances are, the developer will give current and returning players alike a solid few weeks to digest everything Assimilation has to offer, especially new Legend Revenant, who’s shaping up to be a complex and technical character indeed.

Hungry for revenge, the synthetic assassin is all about stealth and subterfuge, requiring a strategic mind to make the most of his support abilities, not least his Death Totem ultimate skill – an incredibly helpful tool that allows him to save teammates from certain death. Besides that, Season 3 map World’s Edge has undergone a number of environmental overhauls which you can read all about here or, if you’d rather, learn more about the ammo economy changes meant to curb the over-reliance on long-ranged weapons.

As for the topic at hand, data miners have already made a number of interesting discoveries in the depths of Apex Legends‘ files, including what appears to be hints of a new limited-time affair. Check out the evidence below:

The highlighted “so4e01,” says That1MiningGuy, potentially points to a new Town Takeover event coming in Season 4 dedicated entirely to the mountain of muscle that is Gibraltar. Besides the presence of his name, MiningGuy also notes that several references to a Legendary skin for Gibraltar are present that, as of writing, has yet to be released and doesn’t appear on the refreshed Battle Pass.

Assuming the speculation comes to fruition, then, Gibraltar will follow Octane, Wraith and Mirage in receiving his own special celebratory event which, assuming it follows suit, will likely introduce a brand new Heirloom item for the steel-willed defender. We’ll ultimately have to wait and see if that’s what Respawn has planned, of course, so stay tuned for further developments.

Source: Twitter