Rumour: Mafia 3 Is In Development For Next Generation Hardware

According to a report published by Eurogamer’s Czech affiliates, Mafia 3 is currently in development for next generation hardware. Fans of the mob-centric open world franchise can now let out a collective sigh of relief, as well as some sort of an excitement-based sound, albeit an abated one considering the fact that this interesting rumour has yet to be confirmed by 2K Games.

Detailed within the above-mentioned report is news that this apparent sequel was originally in the works for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, but 2K Games decided to give it more time. Since then, the involved parties have been targeting next generation hardware and a fiscal year 2013 launch.

Although this information apparently comes to us from an anonymous source close to 2K Games, it can only be considered a rumor at this point in time. Hopefully more validation will come in the near future because it’d be great to see Mafia 3 hit retail store shelves. However, the publisher isn’t interested in commenting on this rumour.

“2K does not comment on internet rumour or speculation,” the company told VG24/7.

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