How To Get The Aquaman Skin In Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3


Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3 has finally arrived following a spectacle-laden live event and it couldn’t have been a more perfect metaphor for the content drought that’s finally at an end.

The tropical storm that crashed into Apollo Island over the weekend has now settled, with players finding themselves exploring wholly uncharted territory in the disaster’s aftermath. Indeed, while some locations from Season 2 remain somewhat intact, huge bodies of water now separate habitable land, making air and sea transport more important than ever before. As expected, new environments, weapons and gadgets are par for the course this time around, though something else – something powerful – has washed ashore, too.

Aquaman, DC’s guardian of the seas and trident-loving member of the Justice League, has joined the fight in Fortnite and, like Marvel’s Deadpool before him, has an associated costume that players can unlock. As you may have already suspected, however, a series of seasonal objectives must be completed before the outfit is yours, as shown via the below image.

Right now, only one of five missions tied to Aquaman is currently able to be completed, with the remaining four no doubt likely to be unlocked on a weekly basis. For now, though, all you need do to ensure you’re up to speed is to use one of Season 3’s new whirlpool attractions, specifically one at the Fortilla point of interest. Nice and easy.

It goes without saying, of course, that we’ll be following this questline closely as it progresses in the future and will have guides to help you every step of the way as and when it develops, so keep your eyes peeled!