Armored Core 5 E3 Trailer

armored core 5

Arriving from E3 is a trailer for the upcoming Armored Core game, Armored Core 5, coming in 2012 for the XBOX 360 and PS3. It’s hard to get a good feel for the game from the cinematic trailer but from what we do see, it looks promising.

This time around, the development team at From Software are hoping to put more of a focus on tactics and using the geography of a level. There will also be a greater emphasis on stealth in Armored Core 5. Online will feature five on five team-based battles which will likely be quite epic and the way it’s shaping up, Armored Core 5 probably won’t disappoint fans.

The game is also supposed to have a persistent online world that deals with tactics and strategy moreso than reflexes and such. This means that your success is going to help your faction in an ongoing online war. You’ll buy and build defenses that help your faction hold ground while you are offline and you’ll push the battlelines with friends when online. In addition to this, there will be over 500 items that gamers can use to customize their robot killing machines.

Check out the E3 trailer below.