New Art Reveals Carlos Oliveira’s Redesign For Resident Evil 3 Remake


As it did for Leon, Claire and the Birkin family with last year’s excellent remake, Capcom is giving the cast of Resident Evil 3 some much-needed makeovers before they return.

Thanks to the reimagined title’s official reveal during Sony’s State of Play last month, fans have already gotten an extensive look at Jill Valentine’s amazing redesign. Trading the tube top and mini-skirt as seen in the original 90s game for an outfit more suited for a zombie apocalypse, Capcom’s reimagining of Jill has been met with overwhelming positivity, but what of the remaining characters known to be joining (or chasing) the former S.T.A.R.S. member as she attempts to make her escape from Raccoon City?

As of writing, we’ve yet to receive any gameplay showing Nemesis or Carlos Oliveira in action, though thanks to an early morning treat from Capcom France, we’ve got our best look yet at the latter. Check out the new and improved U.B.C.S. mercenary for yourselves via the gallery below.

Thanks to leaked box art from a few months back, we’ve known for some time that Capcom is aiming for a more scruffy look for Carlos, but this is the first official art released for the character. As is the case with Jill, then, Carlos’ new look not only gives the character some sorely-needed personality but an appearance much, much more memorable than that of his somewhat generic original design.

Another flawless modernization, then, but once again, we find ourselves eager to witness the grand reveal of Resident Evil 3‘s iconic antagonist. With release day less than three months away, fans can undoubtedly expect Capcom to be saving Nemesis’ grand entrance for an upcoming trailer. Until then, however, you can check out the first (and currently only) image of the monstrous bioweapon over here. Enjoy!

Source: Capcom