Avalanche Unveils Just Cause 3 Box Art Ahead Of New Week’s Gameplay Trailer


In anticipation of next week’s gameplay reveal, Avalanche Studios has lifted the curtain on the appropriately explosive box art for its upcoming open-world sequel, Just Cause 3. Due to premiere on Tuesday, April 28, the clip is set to be but a teaser of the chaotic title ahead of a full reveal during E3 in June.

Taking to Twitter, Avalanche posted the following clip offering up a small taste of what fans can expect come next week.

As a franchise renown for erring on the side of ridiculous, everything we’ve seen from Just Cause 3 thus far indicates that the threequel is very much going to toe a familiar line – kicking physics and common sense to the kerb in the process. Following the adventures of series stalwart Rico Rodriguez, this latest installment will jettison the action to the Mediterranean, allowing players to shoot, hijack and steal their way across the four corners of the game’s gargantuan, 400 square mile map.

Now that five years have lapsed since the release of Just Cause 2, Avalanche is ensuring that the third numerical installment in the bombastic franchise offers up a more refined and polished experience. In hindsight, JC 2 proved to be a little rough around the edges, meaning that the creative team have every opportunity to deliver an action-packed sequel replete with ludicrous stunts and Michael Bay-styled set pieces.

Currently slated for a holiday release across PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, don’t be too surprised if Tuesday heralds the unveiling of Just Cause 3‘s 2015 release date, too.