Awesome Resident Evil 7 Mod Adds Third-Person Mode

Resident Evil 7

An exaggeration, perhaps, but it’s certainly true that, prior to the release of Resident Evil 7, public perception of Capcom’s survival horror IP wasn’t great.

Resident Evil 6 soured the series for many back in 2012 due to going all-in on action-oriented gameplay, a move viewed by some as betraying the franchise’s roots in an attempt to capitalize on a more mainstream genre. That blowback would ultimately contribute to the developer’s decision not to continue down that path and instead go back to the drawing board, thus leading to the seventh main installment being a soft reboot, complete with an all-new perspective.

Resident Evil 7 perfectly captures the slow burn horror of classic entries, then, but the first-person view, again, failed to win everyone over. With next year’s Village already confirmed to follow suit in that regard, fans who prefer to experience Capcom’s creations through a third-person perspective are out of luck. Or are they?

Thanks to the efforts of user Goldedtoad over on Nexus Mods, Resident Evil 7 is now fully playable in third-person. Check it out for yourself below.

Fantastic news for third-person purists, then, though there are a few caveats here worth mentioning.

For starters, while Goldedtoad says the entirety of Ethan Winters’ nightmare is fully serviceable in this mode, the sequel was never intended to be played as such, meaning users are likely to encounter various visual hiccups along the way. What’s more, no head models exist for playable characters, meaning that unless you download separate mods remedying the issue, you’ll be wandering the halls of the Baker estate as a headless Ethan. Not exactly a dealbreaker, but certainly one worth fixing, if only to maintain some semblance of immersion.

Folks interested in downloading Goldedtoad’s Resident Evil 7 mod can do so by hitting the link below. Enjoy!