Bandai Namco Teases New Game Announcement For Later This Week



It looks as if Bandai Namco could be on the cusp of revealing a brand new game later this week. A teaser site for something called ‘Little Nightmares’ has appeared online, tasking those who visit it to solve an ominous sliding box puzzle in an effort to “Unveil what has been lurking in the deepest darkest depths.”

Judging by the presence of three padlocks on the site, it appears as if there’s two further activities to complete before we get any real answers, with one due to be unlocked tomorrow and the other on Wednesday. A final date rests at the bottom of the list, showing what appears to be a video icon, so you can probably expect a reveal trailer to be released on Thursday.

What’s more, an enigmatic invitation has been sent out to the press (via VideoGamer) that invites recipients to attend a “Secret meeting,” on August 17 in Cologne, Germany, AKA: Gamescom.


Taking into account the dark aesthetic of the teaser site, is it safe to assume that this so-called Little Nightmares is to be some form of horror title? That certainly looks like the most likely outcome, but we’ll just have to wait until later this week for a concrete answer.

Be sure to check back with us on Thursday and during Gamescom for more info.

Source: VideoGamer

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