Bastion Will Be Available On PC August 16; Soundtrack Available Now

Easily the most popular of Microsoft’s Summer of Arcade releases thus far, Bastion will be coming to PC soon. It will be available on Steam as a $14.99 download on August 16, one day before From Dust is released on the very same platform.

The game’s soundtrack is also currently available as a $10 download, complete with a new narration intro and bonus audio track, “The Pantheon (Ain’t Gonna Catch You)”. If you’re interested in an actual compact disc, then you’ll be asked to shell out $15. It comes in a custom CD wallet which features original art by Jen Zee and an option for a signature from composer Darren Korb.

Those who attend PAX Prime in Seattle at the end of this month will be given first chance to purchase the disc-version of the album. Otherwise, interested gamers and audiophiles will have to wait for the discs to ship in September.