Battlefield 3 Classes Detailed

DICE has revealed on the Battlefield Blog the four classes that will be available in this fall’s Battlefield 3. With some changes to previous iterations, the classes will be Assault, Engineer, Support and Recon.

You might notice that there is no longer a Medic class. Healing the team with medkits and the defibrillator is now the responsibility of the Assault class. Engineers will once again repair vehicles or destroy them with an RPG. The Engineer can also construct cover for their teammates and will now wield Carbine rifles.

The Recon class will once again wield sniper rifles but DICE‘s Senior Multiplayer Designer Alan Kertz says that the Recon class will also have “several completely new teamplay oriented gadgets” that will be revealed “a bit further down the road” to make the class more involved with the team. Bad Company 2‘s Recon class had Motion Sensors and a choice between Mortar Strikes and C4, which I thought already helped the team when used appropriately. Camping snipers affectionately nicknamed “bush wookies” were a major complaint in Bad Company 2 despite having the tools to help out the team so it’ll be interesting to see what they give to the class now.

The Support class not only has an LMG but now has access to Bipods and Suppressive Fire. The Bipod can be deployed anywhere and increases stability and recoil reduction by either going prone and zooming in with your LMG or standing or kneeling in front of “suitable supports” such as a window sill. Suppressive fire is something new to the series. If an enemy gets shot at close range, the player will get a blur effect, which not only looks cool but will affect their accuracy.

All classes can also be customized to fit your playstyle so a Medic-heavy Assault class can be created if you’d like.

Which class will you be playing as when Battlefield 3 releases this fall? Let us know in the comments.