BBFC Rating Suggests Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition in June

The British Board of Film Classification Rating (BBFC) has revealed that Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition will apparently be available on June 24th. It’s currently unclear whether this will be DLC, a retail game like Super Street Fighter IV or perhaps simply a new arcade cabinet.

If it is in fact for consoles, this goes against what producer Yoshinori Ono previously stated, which is that SSFIV:AE will never come to home consoles. On the other hand, Ono has hinted many times the possibility of SSFIV:AE coming as DLC. If this is true, Arcade Edition will likely include the four new playable characters: Yun, Yang, Oni and Evil Ryu.

If this is released as a retail game, I personally will not be buying it. I’ve already purchased both SFIV and SSFIV and Capcom’s past treatment of Street Fighter games makes me worried the trend of releasing ten different versions will continue (*cough* SF2, Championship Edition, Super Turbo, Hyper, etc *cough*).

What do you think about this reveal? Are you excited about the release or disgusted by Capcom once again milking the franchise? Let us know in the comments.