Behind-The-Scenes Development Diary For inFamous: Second Son


Forget motion capture. The creative team at Sucker Punch working on inFamous: Second Son are all about emotion capture. Initally debuted in tandem with the Playstation 4 in February; the third entry in Sony’s exclusive series will surely be a lodestone of the company’s conference at E3 in just a few days. And in order to whet our appetite, the developer unveiled a dev. diary which peeks behind the curtain of Digital Domain’s video capture studio.

And you can check out said clip right here:

Even from this brief vignette, it’s evident that Sucker Punch is aiming to push the boundaries with inFamous: Second Son both in terms of graphics and characterisation. Moving on from the adventures of Cole Mac Garth – the franchise’s protagonist in the first two games – inFamous: Second Son will follow Delsin Rowe, a character which, from the footage we have seen, appears to a more edgy, almost smug lead. Speaking with Playstation Blog, here’s what Spencer Alexander said about bringing the game to life,

“The truly exciting part of our complex facial and motion capture pipeline and all of the hard work that everyone is putting into the new technology is that at the end of the day, it’s the actor’s raw performance showing up on the screen.”

Similarly to the original titles, Delsin is a typical mid-twenties guy, until a life-changing event bestows him with mysterious superpowers. Given that the game is slated for Playstation 4, the studio has the technical prowess in their arsenal to deliver a true next-gen experience considering the open-world style of play in inFamous: Second Son.

Expect more news to filter out from the Sony press conference early next week, plus, inFamous: Second Son will most likely feature heavily during the company’s event, so once we learn of more details and perhaps even a specific release date we’ll be sure to keep you posted. In the meantime, though, drop your thoughts about Sucker Punch’s latest venture in the comments below.