Bethesda Opens The Vault Doors To Their Own Merch Store

Ever play Fallout 3 and have a burning desire to represent your Vault 101 pride in the real world? Do you have those nights where the dark seems scarier than usual and you’d feel safer if, say, a 16-inch Dragonborn  statue was there to shout any boogeymen away? Bethesda has finally heard your cries and have decided to officially launch their own online merch store.

This is undeniably an exciting launch as many Bethesda-developed and published games have massive followings. Titles like DOOMThe Elder ScrollsFalloutQUAKEDishonored and Wolfenstein (sorry Wet fans) are all going to get their hands on some form of branded merchandise available for proud nerds everywhere. The standout piece of swag right now has easily got to be the steeply-priced Dragonborn statue from The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

You can currently make a $100 deposit for the 16-inch statue that will altogether set you back a pretty $329.99. There are also some horrendous Vault 101 sneakers from Fallout 3 that cost $85 that no one should buy unless you have something to match it with (such as this equally fashionably-questionable Vault 101 hoodie). For those who love them some old-school flavor, you can get what’s called the id Legacy Collection which, judging by the picture on their blog post, is just a bundle of T-shirts from id’s most popular franchises such as DOOM and QUAKE.

To round out the store’s debut there are some limited edition lithographs, hoodies, T-shirts, mugs, and other accessories from various games (Skyrim and Fallout dominate the selection).

All in all, the official Bethesda online store is a nice way of letting their more casual fans who don’t feel like scouring the internet for Bethesda merch find some legitimate products.

So what Bethesda merchandise do you plan on rocking? Lets us know in the comments below.

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