BioShock: Infinite Writer Drew Holmes Opens Up The Writer’s Room

If there’s one thing to be learnt from behind-the-scenes writer information it’s this: BioShock: Infinite is going to be huge. Now, I’m not just talking about gameplay options or graphical prowess, but I’m talking about the scope of the narrative. In a recent PlayStation Blog posting, Drew Holmes discusses the process that went into writing the newest BioShock title. Discussing how the original game’s story came from the single mind of Ken Levine places an emphasis on the huge scope of his newest project as he decided to hire on Drew Holmes and Joe Fielder.

A key emphasis for the team quickly became ensuring the player had an expansive combat environment for them to play with. Vigors and weaponry can be combined entirely up to the player, and the more you experiment the better you will be rewarded.

“There’s so many tools available to the player. The possibilities are really endless in these big open combat arenas that we’ve set up.”

In addition to the open combat, the team has made great lengths to ensure that Liz isn’t going to simply be tagging along the whole game.

Now, surely there are a few of you out there who have almost certainly been burned before by games that promise a competent and useful A.I. player alongside you, but the team is assuring that they were never satisfied with Liz until she became a resource for you.

“She’s (Liz) great in the narrative. She plays such a vital role. People are really going to fall in love with her character, and she has this amazing ability to open up tears. We desperately don’t want for this entire game to feel like one long escort mission, and so the team started to brainstorm new ideas…making sure that Liz enables the player to play however they want.”

There’s a lot to look forward to with the newest BioShock, and luckily for the fans, the creative team behind one of the most anticipated games of 2013 is never satisfied with what they’ve created. A team that holds on to the beliefs that “the first idea is never the best one” is bound to astound us again on March 26th.

This is only a snippet of the information you can get from the full BioShock: Infinite interview, so check it out and be sure to drop your thoughts in the comments below!